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Organizational Assessment

Finding out "how things are going" directly from the employees is a very effective tool that many organizations use to stay abreast of critical issues within their organization. This "temperature check" allows them to quickly identify issues long before they become costly problems. If the right environment is established up front, this information can be shared openly and honestly with the leadership of an organization.

SICG can support you to:

  • Establish a non-threatening environment where the individual employees can freely share issues that are facing the team without the threat of recourse
  • Identify overall organizational issues such as workload, procedures, policies
  • Identify issues between departments including cooperation and coordination
  • Identify team issues such as conflict, role clarity, relationships, trust, productivity
  • Engage employees in resolving the issues that are identified


Cultural Change Initiatives

Cultural change is often overlooked when organizations are planning transformation that is critical to the success of major efforts. Whether an organization plans for a culture or not, you will get one. If you do not play an active role in communicating and managing your culture, you may get one that is not in line with your desired outcomes. Cultural change involves shaping, communicating and changing the basic values, norms and behaviors of individuals within the organization. This can be orchestrated to improve organizational effectiveness in multiple ways based on the specific needs identified.

SICG can assist you to assess your current organizational culture and support your efforts to build and/or enhance the aspects that will ensure your success.


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