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Executive Coaching

Today's executives face unprecedented challenges as technology, organizations and the business environment change rapidly. One-on-one executive coaching is targeted not only to individual, but is also aimed at improving the organization's performance. Our President and Founder, Pauline Higgins, has extensive experience coaching executives to improve their leadership abilities and taking a strategic approach to organizational challenges. Coaching sessions are tailored specifically to the individual, taking into consideration business and personal objectives. Areas that might be addressed:

  • Career management
  • Performance issues
  • Work-life balance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Competency development
  • New manager assimilation

As part of the coaching process, you may choose to have individuals complete a 360 degree feedback assessment. This assessment will provide further insight into behavioral aspects of the leader, emphasizing the aspects of the person's current skills and abilities that should continue, and those that indicate a need for development.

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