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360 Degree Assessment

360 degree assessment is a tool that provides behavior-based performance feedback information from all angles surrounding a person's effectiveness in their role: direct manager, peers, direct reports and customer base.

The purpose of this process is to determine the most appropriate development goals for individuals to improve individual effectiveness. Implemented properly, 360 assessments can be a valuable addition to your performance management, development, and/or executive coaching efforts. A few of the benefits that can be achieved through tying this process to expected outcomes are:

  • Gather candid performance feedback regarding individuals in a non-threatening way to support development initiatives
  • Provide behavioral examples for improvement to support coaching and counseling efforts
  • Enable individuals to manage their careers effectively by thoroughly understanding the critical areas for personal improvement
  • Improve customer service by identifying desired improvements

SICG can design and implement a multi-source feedback process to provide individuals with clear indicators of their performance and serve as a basis for their development. This process can be paper or web-based. SICG will administer the questionnaire, and collect and analyze the data.

It is critical that participants in the 360 assessment understand the process, receive constructive feedback and receive proper interpretation of results. SICG can assist you in creating a program to provide assessment results to participants. The goals of this program might include enabling participants to:

  • Identify trends and patterns from the feedback
  • Defining and determining key strengths for each individual
  • Identifying the most appropriate development goals
  • Establishing key milestones to measure progress toward goal(s)
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