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Merger and Acquisition Support

Mergers and acquisitions are extremely complex and there no two are identical. SICG can assist you to systematically consider the organizational and Human Resource issues you may face and to determine how to maneuver in the most effective manner. There is no "magic bullet" for the people side of transitions. Excellent planning, communication, planned execution and people sensitivity are the keys to orchestrating this well.

We can assist in many ways. We are adept at guiding you through the variables to consider through each stage. We can support you at the beginning by assisting you to analyze organizational variables and the people implications prior to a transition. We can continue to assist by supporting members of the transition team. We can also be there all the way through implementation and the final assessment of the transition if you would like. Since we customize our assignments based on each organization's needs, there are a wide range of options you can consider. Examples of some of the ways we can support your efforts are:

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