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Project Management and Lead Support

SICG can assist your team through all phases of a project's lifecycle. We can help you define requirements and scope, develop a Work Breakdown Structure, assign roles and responsibilities, assess risk. assist all the way through to project completion. Our team can take an active role in implementation of the project plan and assist in project communication - whatever it takes to make your project a success!

Project management is complex. Too often, organizations are surprised in a middle of a project. Sometimes they will be informed mid stream that the project will take longer than expected, or cost more money. Sometimes they even find out that after all the time and money spent, they may not even get what they originally asked for!

Projects involve the coordination and support of people in order to get the job done. There are specific project management techniques and tools that will dramatically impact your success when applied appropriately. However, because the people component of a project has such a great impact on the actual success, effective project management is based on the delicate balance of planning, communication and influencing people.

We all want projects to be on time, meet quality objectives, and not cost more than we budgeted for. This may not always be the case after a project begins because of hidden variables that were not anticipated and/or controlled for. With a solid plan in place and open communication methods established, a project's effectiveness can be transparent and open to swift transition as the need arises.

We can support you to strategically put in place method to ensure that you have senior leadership is informed of critical decisions that may need to be made during the course of the project. Swift and appropriate decision making will eliminate surprises and ensure that the scope of the project will not expand exponentially unless the ultimate goal of the project has changed.

Strategic Initiatives Consulting Group, LLC can assess a current project's effectiveness and make recommendations, or assist you from start to finish with a project. You decide!

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